GENI - Software and Consulting

In 1992 GENI Software developed the Market-Information-System MarISGENI

In the beginning the focus was on analyses regarding potential and competition of retail locations.

Since 1997 two versions of MarISGENI are being offered

  • a „Info“version
  • a „Knowledge“ version

Consulting is based on measurable customer behaviour.

Two principles apply:

  • Any statement is quantified.
  • Any statement is analytically sourced.

Business segments and subjects

  • Location / stationary trade
  • Delivery / online trading
Tapping a market
  • Synergetic effects / multi channel
  • National und regional assortments
  • Store conception
Net optimization
  • Net density
  • Store format
  • Benchmarking
  • Demand structure
  • Format related affinity
Calculation of investments costs
  • Simulations
  • Acceptance analysis

Industry sectors

Main Industry sectors are:

Retail (B2C)

  • supply shopping
  • window shopping

Wholesale (B2B)

Quick Service Restaurants

Health & Fitness


Countries with GENI solutions

Availability of GENI's services is steadily expanding worldwide. As of today, they are available in many countries: