Inquiries to GENI (extract)

Subject: Potential ≠ Sales

  • “We run three restaurants in ...
    The restaurant located along the road with most traffic creates the lowest sales!"
  • “There is one location with 600 ths inhabitants within 20 minutes.
    Other locations with only 100 ths inhabitants within 20 minutes make more sales!”

Subject: Competition

  • “Companies A and B are our strongest competitors.
    When they open a store next to ours, our sales goes up!"

Subject: Customer requests

  • “Our customers ask for new, modern stores. We remodeled some stores accordingly.
    But we do not create more sales!”

Subject: Outperformer

  • “We do have locations that run very well. Nobody understands why.”


GENI has analyzed these situations. The findings are incorporated in the calculation models.

Some catchwords to this:

  • Absorption analysis
  • Convenience analysis
  • Route analysis / neuralgic spots
  • Traffic-Generator-Model for the calculation of stationary and mobile potential
  • GENI centrality
  • Format related affinity
  • Competition categories
  • GENI-Gravitation model